The Storm is only a Storm

You suffer not because things are impermanent.  You suffer because things are impermanent and you don’t know that they are impermanent.  This is very important.  Without impermanence, nothing can be possible.  Don’t complain about impermanence.  If things were not impermanent, how could a grain of corn become a corn plant?  How could your child grow up? Impermanence is the ground of life.

Remind yourself, “I have passed through many storms.  Every storm has to pass, there is no storm that will stay there forever.  Everything is impermanent.  The storm is only a storm.  We are not only a storm.  We can find safety in the storm.  We will not let the storm create harm in us.”  When you see it like that, when you remember it like that, you already begin to be your own boss, and you’re no longer the victim of an emotional storm.


About Still Water Sangha of MN

We are a community, formed with enthusiasm and joy, practicing Mindfulness and Meditation together in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. We meet on Monday nights from 7-8:30pm in a private home in Stillwater, Minnesota.
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