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What is Bodhicitta?

Excerpt from Tricycle post “Bodhicitta Explained:A Bird’s-Eye View of the Bodhisattva Path” by Ken McLeod In Mahayana practice, compassion is both a practice and a result. Compassion is used to transform emotional reactivity into attention, and that attention in turn … Continue reading

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Restoring Peace and Safety

Excerpt from Mindfulness Bell article “Restoring Peace and Safety: Paths to Community Justice” by Cheri Maples A real danger about the popularity of mindfulness is misunderstanding what it is. It isn’t just a relaxation tool and it isn’t just a medical model. … Continue reading

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Compassionate Activism

Excerpt from Buddhistdoor Global (BDG) post on 12-29-2017 Sister Chan Khong, the eldest monastic member of the Plum Village community established by the influential Zen Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh and one of his closest collaborators and students, has written … Continue reading

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Fierce Compassion

If you are interested in learning about Cheri Maples views on the seven most important elements of spiritual transformation, you can find them in articles on this web site. We suggest reading them in the order they appear in the … Continue reading

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Mindfulness, Peace, and Service

Excerpt from Lion’s Roar “A Buddhist Cop’s Approach to Justice“ by Cheri Maples As part of my dharma teacher ordination ceremony in 2008, Thay and I exchanged gathas, or practice poems. I composed one for him and he composed one … Continue reading

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You open your heart to include the other side. You want to give them the opportunity to live in peace, as you wish to live. Each of us must ask ourselves, how large is my heart? How can I help … Continue reading

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Compassion is not Enough

Excerpt from “The World We Have” by Thich Nhat Hanh There’s a lot of suffering in the world, and it’s important for us to stay in touch with this suffering in order to be compassionate. But to remain strong, we … Continue reading

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