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Nirvana Means Extinction

Buddhism speaks of Nirvana, which is the cessation of all suffering. Nirvana means the cessation, the extinction, of all suffering. But our suffering comes from our wrong perceptions, Avidya, misunderstanding. And that is why the practice of meditation, the practice … Continue reading

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We are All Mothers

Excerpt from “Living Buddha, Living Christ”  by Thich Nhat Hanh The Buddha said that his Dharma body is more important than his physical body. He meant that we have to practice the Dharma in order to make nirvana available here and now. The … Continue reading

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Mom’s Haiku

Death spoke softly Brushing her cheek With a white feather. Mother said Yes. Tears flow. The river carries leaves Touched by Lengthening shadows. A bright quarter moon Rises over palm trees. My mother’s smile Lives. I was very fortunate to … Continue reading

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We Are a River

Living beings is the name of a continuous stream and all phenomena as the object of perception are only signs. Therefore there is no real change of birth into death into birth and no person who realizes nirvana. –Gatha 44 … Continue reading

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The Past is Here

“In the ultimate I dwell.” There are two dimensions to reality. One is called the historical dimension, and the other is called the ultimate dimension. Suppose we are looking at the ocean. On the surface we see waves rising and … Continue reading

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