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The Eight Consciousnesses

Excerpt from post reply to question “What is the difference between Vijñāna, Manas and Citta?” posted on Buddhism Beta; post link   This is what i’ve gathered from reading about this in the Plum Village (Thich Nhat Hanh) tradition and … Continue reading

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7 Treasures of the Heart

These, monks, are the seven treasures. The treasure of conviction, the treasure of virtue, the treasure of conscience, and concern, the treasure of listening, generosity, and discernment as the seventh treasure. Whoever, man or woman, has these treasures is said … Continue reading

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The Mind of Non-Discrimination

Post from Kosmos Journal titles “Thich Nhat Hanh on the Consciousness of Things“ Is the consciousness of a flower or a cat equal to that of a human being? Do non-living things have consciousness? In 2014, at the University of Virginia, … Continue reading

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Writing Love Letters

Excerpt from “EHS Ideas Book” by Earth Holder Sangha “We know how to write strong letters of protest, but we must also learn to write love letters to our President and Representatives, demonstrating the kind of understanding and using the kind … Continue reading

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“no idea”

Excerpt from “The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching” by Thich Nhat Hanh To practice is to go beyond ideas, so you can arrive at the suchness of things. “No idea conception. As long as there is an idea, there is … Continue reading

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The Second Door of Liberation is signlessness, animitta”: “Sign” means an appearance or the object of our perception. When we see something, a sign or image appears to us, and that is what is meant by “lakshana.” If water, for … Continue reading

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The Middle Way

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