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Sangha Bell Practice

Excerpt from Snowflower.org blog post “Sangha Bell Practice” by SnowFlower practioners “The bell master holds and protects the space for everyone.” How to Invite the Bell (by SnowFlower practioners) What helps me is to very much center in my body … Continue reading

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Invoking Avalokiteshvara

from “Chanting from the Heart”, Buddhist Ceremonies and Daily Practices by Thich Nhat Hanh and the monks and nuns of Plum Village We invoke your name, Avalokiteshvara.  We aspire to learn your way of listening in order to help relieve … Continue reading

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Bell Gathas

I’m going to tell you how to invite a bell to sound, with a small instrument like this, made of wood. The tranquility in us, the peace in us, we have to call them. There’s tranquility and calmness and peace … Continue reading

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